Believe in yourself when doubt creeps in

Everyone battles doubt. Even the most confident person you know has those dark moments when they wonder if they’re on the right track.

Any parent who cares about being a good parent has faced doubt even though they may generally think they’re doing the best they can. We’ve all been there. (Especially through the teenage years. Ugh.)

Even the most successful people doubt themselves sometimes, so if you have self-doubt, consider yourself normal.

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When you feel like giving up, believe in why you started.

Re-commit to your task.

Take a break. Get away from the problem for a while and come back stronger.

When you want to give up, believe in yourself. Believe your work will matter in the end and then keep on working.

Take one day at a time. You’ll get there if you keep moving forward.

Nothing worth doing is easy.

You will have moments of doubt. There’s no way around them. Everyone does. You’re not alone. 

Do what you need to do. Take it step by step. One day at a time. And you’ll get there.

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