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At Strong Woman, our goal is to encourage and empower you in body, mind, and spirit so you’re better able to take care of the people you love and everything you need to take care of.

In our fast-paced world of commitments, schedules, and constant movement, finding time to take care of yourself can be a challenge. When you need to take care of every one and everything, taking care of yourself slides down your priority list.

I’ve been there. I felt terrible. I was exhausted all the time. I thought it was normal.

When I learned how good nutrition, regular exercise, and a positive mindset can keep me feeling well, how eating nutritious food helps the body inside and out, it was a total game-changer for me and I’m excited to spread the news to any one who’s ready to feel well and strong well into old age.

I’m not a dietician or a nutritionist, but my journey on this nutrition road started when I needed solutions to some health issues I faced. As a Baby Boomer having just celebrated my 50th birthday, I had to decide if I was going to accept that getting older means that I had to get used to feeling daily aches and pains and that my health would start to deteriorate, that I would continue to struggle with my weight, and that I would most likely get diabetes, since it runs in my family. I decided I wanted something different, but I wasn’t sure how to get there.

I had struggled with my weight my entire life and had actually had some success losing weight, but I was never able to keep it off. Slowly but surely my weight would creep back up to where it had been before and, sometimes, even more. And my weight was only one of my symptoms.

When I was in my late-30s I started having what I thought were symptoms of menopause. My doctor said I was way too young for that so I figured I was at least in perimenopause. I felt like I had been in perimenopause forever. When I started having hot flashes it was like my body had an internal oven that I couldn’t control. I treated my symptoms with various Doctor-recommended hormonal treatments until one day I decided I was done!

Then the hot flashes came on with a vengeance. Sometimes I would be in the middle of a lighthearted conversation and then, all of a sudden, a hot flash would swell up and within seconds, sweat was pouring from my forehead. Other times, without warning, I would feel a surge of clammy heat and in minutes I’d be in an all-out sweat.  So embarrassing.

Other things were going on as well. I was sometimes so cranky I couldn’t stand being around myself. I broke out in a terrible rash on my face. I had insomnia and was tired all the time.

Surprising Answers

I started looking for answers on my own and found that my nutrition had a huge impact on my symptoms. I was shocked. Why hadn’t anybody told me? I had seen several doctors and not one of them was teaching me how I could help myself by improving my nutrition. I’ve always heard that it’s important to eat right and exercise, but what does that mean? When I learned how simple and uncomplicated eating “right” can really be, I felt like I had discovered a secret and wanted to tell as many people as I could.

Simpler Than I Believed It Could Be

I’ve found that so many women are going through the same thing I went through and they sound as frustrated as I was. That’s where my Strong Woman Mind-Body Reset Program started. I love teaching women how to take control of their health and to feel better through good nutrition, exercise, and a positive mindset. I love helping women see that it doesn’t have to be complicated and it’s totally do-able. By making small changes every day, women can realize the beauty of health and happiness.


My credentials:
Women’s Fitness Specialist
Nutrition Specialist
Yogafit Level I Instructor

Disclaimer: I am not a Registered Dietician nor am I a Nutritionist. That means it is against the law for me to prescribe a meal/nutrition plan to treat any symptoms or underlying medical issues. The nutrition information on this website and/or programs is not designed to treat any medical condition. Please check with your doctor if you are unsure as to whether or not these nutrition recommendations are right for you.