Be courageous. Be strong. Be happy.

As I’ve grown older I’ve found these 3 qualities — being courageous, strong and happy — to be fundamental in living a happy life.

Be courageous.

It takes courage to follow that voice inside, that gut instinct that tells you something’s right or wrong. There are dozens of reasons people ignore that instinct, maybe it’s because of what others might say or that we don’t want to disappoint others, but the root cause of ignoring is lack of courage. Of course, no one can go back and have a re-do, but when you follow what you know to be true and can be honest with yourself first, everything else works out.

Be strong.

Take care of yourself and do what is necessary to get or stay strong in body, mind, and spirit. Decide that you want to age well and be the very best you can be every day. Take responsibility for your health and wellness. No excuses.

Be happy.

Make a decision to be happy every day. We all get stuck in a rut sometimes, but don’t stay there. We can’t control a lot of what happens in life, but we can control our attitude. It’s inspiring to see people who face such difficult times, but are still happy. I believe happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy.

Stay balanced and live a happy, healthy life by keeping it simple.

There are several small steps that lead up to big changes, small strong steps that make definitive moves towards what you want in life. Courage, strength and happiness are calling you!

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